In Which Howard Stern Provides The Truth

Thank you Howard Stern!  Sometimes the only place I actually here the truth is on your show.
A week ago, I saw that the producers of Live with Regis and Kelly were looking for someone to co-host the show with Kelly during the month of June.  It really sounded weird.  Despite the fact I never really watch the show, I do understand that Regis normally will only take off a week at a time.  So why would they need a substitute for an entire month?  It sounded fishy.
Today, Howard Stern provided answers.  Regis got pushed out.  Regis asked for a little bit more money on a contract renewal, and they just decided not to renew him.
Could Regis now stay retired?  If he’s been good with the money he has made, yes.  Will he?  Probably not.  Regis strikes me as one of those perennial entertainers that will always be around as long as it is good business.
Only time will tell.
I mean, heck, Conan O’Brien found his way back on the air.  Surely Regis can.  Right?

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