In Which I Save Face

I have a little bit of a problem.  As you already know if you’ve been reading, I set up this debate tournament with my good class on the always hot-button issue of immigration.  How have the debates gone so far?  Not too good.  I gave these kids more credit than I should have.  The one thing I have learned is that their critical thinking only go so far.  They really should go further, but no one prior to me has done anything to help these kids build.
What does that mean?  Well, most of these debates suck.  On top of that, after the HS speech coach told me that he was going to offer a full scholarship to the debate camp at a nearby university to the winner, I asked the kids how many are interested in that opportunity.  How many?  Four.
So should I take the chance that they would get beat out by people who don’t want the prize being offered?  I mulled over that idea for some time this weekend.  The conclusion I came to is “no”.  I don’t want the embarassment of such a generous gift being offered to one of my students only for them to turn it down.  So tomorrow, I’m going to take an action to save face with my colleague.  I’m going to end the debates after the first round, and then work with the kids who actually want something to do with that debate camp.  Will I tell my colleague?  No.  He thinks he’s judging the final debate.  I’m just going to leave it that way.

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