In Which It’s About Immigration All Over Again

Immigration back on the debate AGAIN!
I’m telling you right now that I’m starting to become more and more a believer in state’s rights in this country.  Federal decisions passed down seem to be more and more out there.  Decisions are made based on the vocal insistance of a minority of people with some of the most outlandish views.  Is that the representative government that was designed back at the end of the 18th century when the United States of America broke away from the outlandish vocal minority known as King George?
Everyone at this point in the US has already heard about Arizona’s state law concerning immigration.  The federal government has even taken to going to court to challenge the law.  The vocal minority is saying that it’s violating civil rights to be checked for proper documentation.
If you pass a cop and he thinks you’re a suspected murderer, wouldn’t you want to prove you’re not that person?  I would much rather provide my ID to him on the spot rather than have him call SWAT to ambush me at home.
People, they call them illegal immigrants because they are here ILLEGALLY!!!  That means they broke the laws of this country, just like if they were speeding or if they stole a candy bar from the store.
It is not your right to come in to a country when you want.  But the country does have the right to say who they want in their country.
So why is immigration back on the debate again?  Georgia has a bill in their state House of Representatives that, while not an immigration bill, stabs at that one hot-button portion.  The sub-text from Georgia HB 87 is as follows:
(b) During any stop of a criminal suspect by a law enforcement officer, where the officer has probable cause to believe that such suspect has committed a criminal offense, including any traffic offense, if, during the lawful detention of such suspect, the officer develops reasonable suspicion to also suspect that such person is an illegal alien, then the officer shall, when reasonably practicable, make an attempt to determine the immigration status of such suspect.
So, this bill doesn’t have the same air to it as the Arizona law that says that law enforcement with resonable suspicion as to the immigration status of someone may stop and check, it certainly may pull out the debate that law enforcement in Georgia will start pulling people over “suspected” of committing a crime just to satisfy the want to check immigration status.  Oh brother!
Believe it or not, this progressiveness that the federal government is fighting for is not new to the past few years.  Ever heard of Special Order 40?
Outside of Los Angeles you probably wouldn’t.  That’s because Special Order 40 was a product of the late, great LAPD Police Chief Daryl Gates.  Gates spearheaded this order amongst the LAPD that served as a  mandate that prohibits police officers from stopping people for the sole purpose of obtaining immigration status.  The mandate was created in an effort to encourage residents to report crimes without the fear of intimidation or deportation.
Now I don’t believe that Gates was promoting this progressive stance for sake of those in the conutry illegally.  He had just inherited the helm of the police department of the second largest city in the United States just one year prior to Special Order 40.  This man was trying to do everything he could to reign in the ugly head of crime that was spiraling out of control in that city.  But you never know if the pundits would pull this one out.
I want to see our country do the same things others do.  Strictly enforce the immigration policy where you only allow in people that are going to make a true contribution to the economy, society, and welfare of this country.

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