In Which We’re Careful Of The Weather

There’s been some pretty bad weather here this week.  It’s been bad enough that it is affecting the start times of school.  Yesterday we started an hour late.  Was the snow really bad?  No.  Not really.  As soon as it became slush, it was like driving in the rain.  Even before it became slush, as long as you didn’t come to a sudden last minute stop, there was nothing different about driving in it.  But still, we didn’t start until 9am.
The weather today was another ordeal.  The Boss was heading out to the music educator convention in San Antonio this week, was supposed to leave today, but left yesterday.  The weather report wasn’t so bad around here, but in Dallas, where her connecting flight was, they forecast a quarter-inch of ice.  Not good for air traffic.  She moved her flight to yesterday and got out ok.
Me?  I’m already at a hotel near the airport (I’m going down there tomorrow).  Today we started two hours late at school.  We were told not to come until 9am, but our superintendent sent out an email later yesterday evening saying we were still to report at normal time.  Rumor is the principal did that because she lives out of town and wanted to come in later, too.  But that’s not confirmed.  So this morning I just played it safe and showed up at 7:20 since I have to watch the gym Wednesday mornings.  Only one student showed up at 8am.  His mom is a district employee.  By 9am, we only had 8 kids.  This morning sucked.
Where I am now actually closed school for today.  That’s why I came and got a hotel room, because I didn’t want to make this drive in the morning.  But ALL the roads were clear.  Go figure.
Also today, I was trying to wrap up grades.  The end of the grading period is Friday, and I won’t be here.  So I’ve been doing everything in my power to get kids to turn stuff in.  But at the end of the day, I was still missing some 50 assignments.  I went to talk to the principal just to let her know why all the holes were in my grade book and that I’d be checking on it while I was gone.  But in all due truth, it’s a bunch of bullshit that I should have to.  How will these kids ever learn responsibility if they’re never forced to take it?

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