In Which Some Problems Aren’t New

This hotel I stayed in last night is an interesting one.  When I checked in, I was given an upstairs room.  I chose a Hampton Inn for a reason.  But that didn’t pan out entire because I had no elevator.  I don’t know about you, but I find that really strange.
The other interesting thing is that the room I was given was the first room past what could be called the “smoking zone”.  Of course I always ask for a non-smoking room.  Well I could smell it in the hall.  The smell of smoke was in the hall outside of those rooms.  The smell of smoke went away literally at the point where the walls were between the last smoking rooms and the first non-smoking rooms.  Slightly strange.
HBO had the only thing of interest on this morning.  It was a documentary following details of John F. Kennedy’s political career.  I found interesting part of the debate he had with Richard Nixon.  Even as far back as this, Kennedy said that the nation’s teachers are underpaid.  That’s funny to me considering that the Texas minimum teacher salary, while about $10k more than the poverty level, is only barely enough for a teacher to live on still.  This is considering that a teacher still has to purchase a lot of things on their own and doesn’t always have cost of living that matches what’s left of their salary.  Always a bone of contention…

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