In Which We Have Adventures In San Antonio

So I flew in to San Antonio yesterday morning.  This makes the third convention I’ve accompanied The Boss to, but the first one that neither of us had a car available.  So, it was my first cab ride.  Well, take that back.  It was my first cab ride in the state of Texas.
The Boss and I used a couple of cabs back in Vegas last summer.
It was my first cab ride somewhere where in my head, it made more sense to me that I’d be driving myself.  The ride was nice.  I found out my cabbie was formerly from Iowa and was a farm girl.  She said she would go back to Iowa if she had the ability to.  We had a nice little conversation all the way downtown.  Only sad thing in my mind is that The Boss and I wouldn’t be able really to have a chance to go get a FRESH cinnamon roll from Lulu’s.
The flight down to San Antonio was an interesting one itself.  My first leg in to Love Field was pretty cool.  I was able to avoid the packed row where all three seats were taken.  That’s always better for me because my shoulders extend past the width of even Southwest Airline’s coach-size seats (found out on my honeymoon that other airlines coach-size seats were slightly smaller).  But here’s the really cool thing…this was the first time on Southwest Airlines that I had a smooth ride.  That includes takeoff and landing.  There was absolutely nothing that wasn’t smooth.  My kudos to the pilot on that flight.
My second leg from Love Field out to San Antonio, I tried to get another row where the middle seat was empty.  Everything was good up until the last 10-12 people getting on the plane.  A woman about the same size and stature as The Boss asked to take the middle seat.  Not a big deal.  It’s not like the time I flew out to San Jose and got stuck between 2 guys nearly my size with me in the middle seat.  This especially considering the fact that one of them was a loud guy who was still slightly hung over on his way back from Las Vegas after a weekend bachelor party for one of his buddies.  The woman in the middle seat of this flight was in no way a loud person.  She read for a little while and then fell asleep for the rest of the flight.
Something I got to thinking about on these flight was the mandatory speech that the flight attendants go through EVERY single time.  They talk about how the seat cushion can be used as a flotation device in the event of a water landing.  A water landing?!?  Over Texas?!?  That would be like going to a shooting gallery.  You would need pinpoint accuracy and the ability to take your plane into a steep dive to have a water landing over Texas!
The Boss and I went and ate Italian food on the river tonight.  It was an Italian restaurant that shared a kitchen with a Mexican restaurant and a steakhouse!  The service was great.  There was a wonderful, personable guy who was the host.  Then our waiter worked his butt off.  But the food just wasn’t that hot.  And the tiramisu???  Don’t get me started.  That, in my mind, is the signature of any Italian restaurant.  This one sucked.  No lady fingers, just white cake that sat on you heavy enough it could have been pound cake.  It sat really heavy on me.  That’s not what tiramisu is supposed to do.
After we got done eating, we went back up to the convention center for the performance of the Texas A&M Wind Symphony.  I was watching the video screens during this performance and noticed there was a delay in the video.  Having worked in television so long, I hate when video and audio are delayed.  Their main performance included as feature performer the Jim Cullum Jazz Band.  They played a piece that was originally written for the group to perform with the San Antonio Symphony.  The piece was rewritten for band at the request of TAMU Wind Symphony conductor Dr. Timothy Rhea.  The piece was really interesting.  The movements were being described by the composer before they performed, and one movement was supposed to feature “interplay between the drums and the bass”.  I know I had some kind of picture in my head about what that would be like.  However, I was surprised.  When they played that movement, the interplay actually featured the drummer striking the strings on the bass in place of the bassist actually plucking the strings.  That made for a really interesting mix of bass and rythym.
After the concert, The Boss said she was still hungry.  We walked back towards the hotel down on the river.  Coming up on the River Center Mall, we noticed another Italian food place and decided that we both wanted to go ahead and eat again.  What a different experience!  The food seemed to be natural and well made by a real chef and not a line cook.  The waiter took care of us even more so at this restaurant than the first one.  It was overall more enjoyable.  Both of us agreeded we should have just gone there first and never gone to the other restaurant.  Oh well.  Lesson lived, lesson learned.
In the news today:
Arizona is counter-suing the federal government over their immigration bill.  The strange thing is that this bill hasn’t been declared unconstitutional.  It has just been held up from taking effect.  While I’m not agreeing with either side in this issue, I will say that I believe it is the federal government’s responsibility to come up with a counter-plan to the law Arizona passed if they want Arizona’s law to be held off the books.  Otherwise, this country was built on states taking care of themselves where the federal government doesn’t.

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