In Which My One Wish Was Slightly Delayed

The one thing The Boss promised we could do in San Antonio is the only thing I asked for.  I wanted to go get a manicure and pedicure.
Ok, I hear the laughing.  You can stop.
No really.
Stop laughing.
You’d ask for one, too, once you have it done the first time.  It’s wonderfully relaxing.  Plus, I’m really OCD about my nails.  It helps.
I asked about getting a mani/pedi in San Antonio because we’re only there twice a year, they took care of us really well last time, and it was cheaper than at home.
Well, we tried to go yesterday morning.  We waited to leave the hotel until we knew shops in the mall would be opening up.  We decided to go early to make sure we didn’t have to wait for a major length of time.  So we go, and they’re not open.
“Oh, maybe they’re just running a few minutes behind this morning,” I tell The Boss.  She agrees that we can sit there and wait for a little bit until they open up.  However, a little while turned in to a long while.  We had to move on to the convention center so The Boss could get to some scheduled things she needed to.
I wanted to go back this morning, but The Boss was thinking we really wouldn’t have time.  She was right, we didn’t.  I was slightly bummed, but ok.  However, The Boss decided to take me once we got back home.  Fine.  A little bit more expensive, but ok.  Of course the place was slightly busy, but we hung around.  Things were good all through my pedicure.  But then on my manicure, she girl didn’t clip all the way through on one of my cuticles and yanked it out.  OWWWWWW!!!!  It drew blood.  It was tender for several days.

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