In Which I See Wrestling In Person

I headed to a WWE House Show with some of my friends today.  Here was the report of my experiences I sent to a wrestling news website.
I and my friends had shown up 20 minutes before this show was scheduled to start. However, the line at will-call ran soooooo long. We got in 10 minutes after bell time. There was still at least 60-90 people behind us. Then, when we got in, there were people sitting in our seats. Come to find out, there were people sitting in their seats one row down. Those people scooted down at request of the event staff (appeared to be WTAMU students) so those in our seats could move to their real ones. Twenty minutes later, the people that had those seats showed up. The event staff’s solution was that “everyone’s seats were screwed up.” What it is is that no one at the show would stop being lazy long enough to read their tickets and the seat markings and the event staff was too lazy to make them.
When we got in, there was a match going on involving The Corre (probably match 2 of the night). Tyler Reks and someone else was out there, too, but then there was an announcement about an elimination. At the end of the match though, it was two on two with Showtime Percy Jackson and JTG losing to The Corre (Gabriel & Slater). When they posed for the crowd after the match, the kid sitting in front of me did the CM Punk/Nexus salute.
Next, Kaitlyn came out to get a special bell ringer from the audience for the Layla vs. Beth Phoenix match. (Side note: Beth, while tall and muscular, looks a lot more feminine in person. Sorta like Abby Brammell.) Layla played the scared little girl during the first part of this match. The Glamazon ended up winning. Layla made the referee carry her to the back after the match.
Sign Guy happened to be in the crowd. I was glad to see he drove up from Lubbock after last night’s show there. I also noticed on Twitter that today was his birthday. Happy birthday Rick!
Next match was Kofi Kingston vs. Kane for the Intercontinental Championship. Kofi seems to be channeling a little bit of his inner Jimmy Snuka as of late. Ref bump led to Kane hitting the chokeslam. However, Kofi hit the Trouble in Paridise after the ref came to and pinned Kane for the win.
After this was the obligatory plugging of WWE products. Tony Chimmel called out Kaitlyn to help, along with her, as Chimmel said, “little helper, no offense”.
After intermission, Drew McIntyre was introduced. He came out and started to cut a promo. I thought he was about to start cutting a promo on Sign Guy, however he started cracking on Texas, talking about he would have been in the bathroom quick had he eaten the Mexican food, and then made some kind of comment about all the “fake Mexicans” around…which brought out a well cued Chavo Guerrero. Chavo had a quick comment about “messing with the bean means you take a bite out of the whole burrito”. After Drew’s comment about fake Mexicans, it really set off a guy at ringside who was mouthing off and flipping Drew the double bird. WWE’s guy that stays ringside keeping track of the company’s interest got to the guy before Drew did, leaned over to say something, and the guy stopped. I can only guess he threatened to throw the guy out of the building. Chavo hit the frog splash, but Drew’s long legs grabbed the rope to break the count. Drew with the Futureshock DDT for the win. A lot of Drew’s mannerisms tonight reminding me a lot of HHH.
Terry Funk was introduced next. (I had already read a tweet by Kofi before the show had started saying Funk was in the building, so no surprise for me.) The Funker cut a promo about how WTAMU (despite calling it West Texas State University the whole time) was the home of so many legendary wrestlers. He also talked about how wrestling was in his blood. He even told a story about how his father died after a match right on the WTAMU campus. He said he accompanied his father in the ambulance. His father asked how much further at one point, Terry told him only 3 more miles, and his father said that he “wasn’t going to make it”. Those were his father’s last words. The Corre interrupted after that. Big Show came down to even the odds. Chris Masters, Kofi Kingston, and Percy Jackson even came down to help. Everyone was cleared off, and Wade Barrett came from behind and clipped Big Show at the knee. It was a short match however, and Big Show won with the chokeslam. Show and Funk celebrated together afterwards.
The main event was Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler versus Rey Mysterio and Edge (Edge is still wearing the belt despite the “controversy”). Alberto was the first out and cut a promo about his destiny, and how other people in the arena had destinies, too. His last line was “don’t hate me because I am legal in this country and you are not.” Big heat. Sign Guy had a sign that made it appear he was “selling Alberto’s scarves”. The “scarves” were cut up white towels. Alberto went down and grabbed one and started snapping Tony Chimmel in the backside with it during Dolph’s entrance. During the match, Alberto tried to go after Mysterio’s mask at one point. Edge picked up the win.
Lots of people were recording during the show, but the event staff never threw anyone out. Such slackers.

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