In Which It Makes Me Sick

So I get back to school today and I’ve got a mammoth task I front of me.  These kids were still irresponsible with what I asked them to do.  So there were some glaring holes in the gradebook.  That sucks because I had to get my grades turned in today.  I talked to the principal at one point today.  “You have to call the parents if you’re going to fail them.”
What happened to these kids being responsible for their actions?  We’re raising a generation of kids who are getting everything handed to them, which means their actions will be divorced from the reality of the situation when the grow up.  What a way to set up these kids to fall flat on their faces.  For an entirely different reason than last school year at this time, I felt I was forced to pass students that didn’t deserve it.  Now it happens again.
So I ran this all the way up to my deadline today.  I gave about 45 kids a chance today that they would never have in real life.  Glad I could help, but it makes me sick.

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