In Which The Rock Is Back, Finally

The Rock is back…at least for now.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was announced last night as the special guest host for Wrestlemania 27.  I remember seeing most speculation being that Bob Barker would be the man in this role.  Many people speculated that, while a good person for the role, it maybe too long for the old man to guest host a four hour long show.  Plus, no one knows if WWE still has the long microphone they pulled out when Barker hosted Raw a few months back.  Who knows, maybe they only rented it.
Then there was the Justin Beiber rumor.  God help us if they were to actually try and use Beiber to sell the biggest show of the year.
The Rock showed up and instantly had everyone hooked.  He knows how to play to the crowd and get them involved.  His nickname maybe “The Most Electrifying Man in Entertainmaent”, but it’s that for a reason.  The only word I can use to think of is that the atmosphere last night was electric when The Rock arrived.  He continues to be the best promo man to ever grace the television screen for WWE.  I hope a lot of people in the WWE locker room were paying attention.
I have no idea what his comments about “never leaving again” might mean.  I’ve heard plenty of speculation.  But The Rock has stuck to his word before.  There’s no reason to think he will get back in a set of wrestling tights.  It doesn’t matter that he looked quite jacked-up last night (no doubt a byproduct of shooting his “Fast Five” movie).  But for about 20 minutes, I was transported back to a time where wrestling was way more entertaining than it is today.  For however long The Rock is around and in whatever capacity, I will at least enjoy what he brings to the product.  And if I ever get a chance to ask him a question in person, it will be why he’s been the only modern wrestler to stick to his word about no longer wrestling.

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