In Which I Am A Year Older

Happy birthday to me!  Happy birthday to me!
The Free Thinker has hit the big 3-zero!
Feels like another year.  Nothing specifically about 30 feels big at all.
The big story going on in the state of Texas right now is the potential massive shortfall in the budget.  Because education and healthcare amass for a majority of the state’s expenditures, there’s two things that are on the chopping block.  Of course, the state legislators haven’t come up with anything set in stone yet, but already everyone across the state is freaking out.  Just the other day, our principal had everyone in for a staff meeting where she really sparked worry amongst a lot of people at my school.  However, today, the superintendent sent out a district-wide email indicating that there would be absolutely no reduction in staff measures taken.  (That’s the education version of layoffs.)
The superintendent’s husband opened a restaurant here in town not too long ago, and we decided to go there for my birthday dinner tonight.  They have paintings by a local artist on all the walls.  One The Boss really likes is a painting of a pig.  So when we walked in this evening, there was no one there yet, and we were given the option of sitting anywhere we wanted.  The Boss wanted to sit by the pig.  I was happy to oblige.

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