In Which My Birthday Is Celebrated For A Third Consecutive Day

My birthday was celebrated again today.  This felt like
My parents decided to make the two hour drive to come visit today for my birthday.  That was wonderfully awesome of them.  We met them in town at a Starbucks.  It’s near a Dress Barn.  That’s another reason my mom likes to come up here because there is no Dress Barn where they live.
I was going to get a haircut today, and the place I normally go is right next to this Starbucks where The Boss and I met my parents.  However, the place was awfully packed.  It’s becoming TOO popular.  I didn’t want to sit around for an hour there.  But I found out an other location across town had only a 20 minute wait.  So I took my dad while The Boss and my mom went off to Dress Barn.  I guess they planned on shopping until we got back because I was driving one car, and my dad had the keys to his car.  They weren’t going anywhere.
Once we got back over to them, we went to have lunch.  We decided to go back to the same place where The Boss’ car was broken in to for the first time since that happened.  The Boss took every single thing out of our car and put it in my parents’ trunk since we don’t have one.  I can’t say that I blame her.
At lunch, my parents gave me my birthday present.  It was a thick envelope.  Oooooo…a thick envelope is always a plus…unless it’s just one dollar bills.  Thirty of them to be exact, for the thirty years I’ve been alive.  For the record, I wasn’t ungrateful to receive it.  It was just a deceptive looking gift before it was opened.
After my parents left, I told The Boss about the lady who had cut my hair.  She had been talking about being at this big tattoo expo at the town’s civic center.  It sounded like the place could be fun.  The lady said she was approached by the local roller derby team about possibly joining (to me, she already looked the part).  Then she was talking about how she was criticized for this temporary back piece that she put on her daughter that had all these skulls in the design.  I told The Boss that the lady asked if I was going to the show.  The Boss was actually game for going.
At the civic center, there was an interesting combo of shows going on at the same time.  There was this tattoo expo.  Directly across the hall was a motorcycle and gun show.  On the other end of the complex was an area wrestling tournament.  The tattoo expo was definitely a freak show.  Lots of people were getting inked.  There was no music while we were there, though.  Also, the guy hanging from the ceiling by his piercings was not there at the time.  Too bad no tats at that show were under $200.  I would’ve gotten one.
Interesting note: there was a gun show across the hall.
The Boss and I went to a party that night.  It was a party for many of her co-workers, all who are friends outside of work, too.  The only interesting thing of note had to do with the house where we were.  Our hosts were probably the most conservative and right-leaning out of everyone.  This was further enforced by the two books I saw laying on their end table by the couch.
The Bible.
…and Decision Points by President George W. Bush.
What a combination.

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