In Which You’d Think There Would Be More Jobs In Vegas

Yeah baby, yeah!
(Ok, so my Austin Powers impression still needs some work.  Groovy.)
The Boss and I on our second day in Las Vegas this past summer decided that we just wanted to go down and sit in the lounge on the casino level and have a couple of drinks.  We’re in Vegas.  People do that.  Especially The Boss.  She likes to people watch.
So we’re down there, and the most interesting part to me wasn’t the people watching or the drinks…it was the bartender.  He was quite the good guy, and like the bartender stereotype, could provide a good conversation.  The one thing that he told us that surprised me the most?  Las Vegas has a 14% unemployment rate.  I’m thinking “surely not”.  So much money comes in to the city all the time.  It’s the gambling capital of the world.  Surely the casinos, being responsible local businesses, are investing in the local economy.
Then again, maybe they’re just being greedy.  That’s the problem in the entire country.  The rich keep getting richer, at the expense of those not rich at all.  Damn dirty money mongers.
My guess is a lot of that unemployment actually came from the casinos.  While Las Vegas is an independent operating city just like any other, a big chunk of residents probably work in the casinos.  So if the economy is really down, people aren’t visiting Vegas as much, and these service jobs are the first to go.
The bartender also spewed hatred for the Nevada governor.  The last time I heard that kind of hatred for the person in power was when The Boss and I were in The Dominican Republic for our honeymoon.

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