In Which The Kiwis Get Slammed

Man, oh man.  Christchurch got slammed again.  I didn’t see this coming.
From what I understand, maybe those Kiwis living on the South Island did see it coming.  I’ve read there are thousands of earthquakes in New Zealand that can be felt every year.  There are apparently many thousands more that happen and are so light they can’t be felt.
Christchurch was slammed with an earthquake back in September.  A 7.1 that was semi-shallow several kilometers away from the city center.  It happened on a Saturday early enough in the morning that most people weren’t out and about yet.  Quite a bit of damage, but everyone was safe.
The one today, on the other hand, happened right in the middle of the day.  A number of people are dead right now because of this earthquake.
What gets me is that 6.8 is considered an aftershock…not to mention five and a half months later down the line.  Other aftershocks have been as high as 5.8.  An earthquake that high would get attention as a semi-major earthquake here in the U.S.  But that’s just a way of life in New Zealand.  They sit on the Ring of Fire.  They have active volcanoes.  The Australians apparently even call the Kiwi nation the “shaky islands”.
Billions of dollars later, the area will be rebuilt.  Hopefully it’s another 65 years before such a sequence happens in that country again.

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