In Which He Could Be From Sleepy Hollow

The man about to formerly be known as Mistico…
This is a guy who has lit the proverbial fires underneath fans of lucha libre throughout Mexico.  He’s known for his spectacular moves.
He almost signed with WWE once.
This time he finally has.  Whatever contract issues existed between him and AAA are now taken care.
WWE has even held a press conference in Mexico that had made big press that Mistico is coming to WWE.
Here’s the problem.  In the same way WWE owns the rights to the names and likenesses of several different performers, AAA owns the rights to the name and likeness of Mistico.  They can put anyone under that mask and call him Mistico.  So the man needed a new name and a new look.
Enter Sin Cara.
Translation…Faceless.  (Literally “Without Face”)
Would that make him like the Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow?  I guess not.  That guy was missing his entire head.  This one is only missing his face.
sin-cara2.jpg (448x298 pixels)
When you look at that mask though, it is in some sense a faceless man.  It fits.  Too bad very few Americans will ever know the meaning of the name.
Here’s the other bad thing…It helps make Michael Cole look like an idiot to any Spanish-speaking viewers.  There have been times he referred to the man only as “Cara”.
To me, “face” means the entire opposite of “without face”.
I hope this guy delivers come his debut.  I hope he’s worth the money.

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