In Which UFC, Wrestling, Charlie Sheen, and the Downfall of our Nation All Intersect Here

Man, this just pissed me off today.
Some of the kids at this school don’t know the significance of the pledge of allegiance.
It used to be taken seriously, and it was taken seriously for a reason.  We’re supposed to be proud of the country we live in.  But now the generation coming up doesn’t take this country seriously, and because of that we’re starting to look like a big joke.
Students actually get to do announcements through the Channel 1 system in school every day.  They start by doing the pledge of allegiance.  Today, I witnessed a scene during the pledge of allegiance that I had seen before.  Except this time the situation never improved.
Something got the students tickled, and they started laughing…more…and more…and more…
They could not get recomposed.  I don’t have any students in my room at the time, but I bet elsewhere they were getting a kick out of it and laughing, too.  I was appalled.  It took the adult running the camera too long to cut them off and make them leave.
I’ve seen this before.  Why is it happening again?!?  Students these days have no discipline.  We’re not allowed to teach it to them.  That’s not right.

In another direction, TNA Wrestling can’t leave well enough alone.
Recently, WWE aired a series of promos promoting someone’s debut on 2-21-11.  As we know now, it wasn’t a debut.  It was a return.  The return of The Undertaker.  They did a really good job with it.  Of course, for awhile, it was assumed that Sting was finally coming to WWE.
So what does TNA do?  They do a spoof video promo for Sting returning to their show Impact on 3-3-11.  Stupid Bischoff.

Finally, Charlie Sheen has an offer if he can’t resurrect his career on the wildly successful “Two and a Half Men” that airs on CBS.
While being interviewed by TMZ, UFC President Dana White said he’d be willing to host a big Smackdown between Sheen and “Men” creator Chuck Lorre.
Oh, one can only dream.  Maybe Sheen would OD on tiger blood before the match!

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