In Which Cash Is King

Money rules the roost.  Cash is king.  The Benjamins speak louder than you ever will.
Ok, I heard something recently at school that has gotten under my skin.  Before this school year had even started, I had talked to my principal about running a school store this year.  I teach a business class, and the school store was a natural extension of the material to be taught to the students.
Sounds like the perfect combination, right?
I sure thought so.
However, I was told a few days before the year got underway that it was being given to another student group in the school.  They needed the money to pay for a trip this summer.
So we’re sacrificing an opportunity for 9% of the students to learn something useful and relevant for 0.25% of the students to earn towards a trip that they can do without?
I was told the decision came down from someone at administration.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but if that’s not true, it was a chicken move.  If that is true, then I believe leadership in this town and district is errant.  Isn’t the purpose of a school to educate students?
Now, the salt rubbed in my wound…
This week, I heard one of the students from that group answering a question about why the school store was no longer operating.  The answer?  ”It’s no longer useful.  We earned the money that we need.”
So let me get this right… It’s only been used half a year, they’ve earned all their money, and so now it’s done?  My students would have still been running that store.  They needed that learning experience.  Hearing that one comment today incensed me.  It just proves that the opportunity was stolen from me to provide to my students.  I wish I was given the support around here to be successful.

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