In Which It Is A Hodgepodge

Dancing With The Stars…
I never watch that lame show.
But here’s something I find interesting.  The Karate Kid and the Man of 1,001 Holds will be competing against each other.
Chris Jericho is pretty cool.  He’s a dynamic guy who can adapt to anything he does.  No telling if or when he will come back to WWE, but in the mean time he’s being successful doing his own thing.  More power to him.
Ralph Macchio on the other hand, I haven’t seen him since Karate Kid 3.
In other news…
TAKS starts tomorrow.  Thank goodness it’s not with my 8th graders.  But here’s one thing I never thought I’d see… It was trending on Twitter tonight in the United States.
How in the world does that happen?  Certainly there are more tweeters in California and New York than in Texas.  But how does the Texas standarized testing hit the trends?

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