In Which I’m Too Smart

One of my weak spots…
Working with someone who is smart enough to get it but still won’t because they’re too damn stubborn.
Going in to teaching junior high, I figured I was at a point where I can deal with these kids, because they’re at a formative stage where I can make a difference.  So far, that difference appears to be miniscule.  Will it actually be bigger than I see right now?  Well, it always is.  That’s the nature of being a teacher.  Your reach extends past your vision.
But I’m thinking in the nature of how it effects me, not the kids.  My frustration in my job is high.  At every turn, I have someone trying to block me from being most effective in my job.  I have administrators undercutting me and recanting on promises.  Then I have students who refuse to do their work no matter what I do.  I also have students that I swear are out to get me (I have proof, but will not share because it’s not the professional thing to do).  I also have students that act like they’ve earned the rights that I’ve earned when they’ve actually come nowhere close.
The Boss swears I’d be good teaching elementary school.
A non-supervisory colleague of mine swears that I belong teaching in high school or college.
Consensus?  I don’t belong teaching in junior high.  That particular colleague (I wish I could think of a snarky name right now, but I can’t) says that she thinks I’m too smart to be teaching junior high.  I was told by someone out of my extended professional learning community (PLC), who I’ll refer to as High Heels, that a comment like that might mean it’s time to get my resume together.  Ugh.  I’m already working on that anyway.

In the news today, the Pope says that the Jews were not responsible for Jesus’ death.  Lots of people would cry bullshit on that one, but here’s what he is getting at.
It’s contained in a book set to be released next week where the Pope says that there is no way the entire Jewish people could have been present at the moment that Pilate was asked to kill Jesus.  I can believe that.  I don’t know how big the area was on the ground whenever Pilate brought Jesus out before the people.  But it couldn’t have been big enough to contain the entire nation.
But, the Pope’s statement is errant in leading people to believe that no Jews were responsible for Jesus’ death.  It has been proven, and the Pope even admits, that Jewish people were the ones who called for Jesus’ death.  Yes, it was temple leaders and other higher ranking Jews.  Were the Jews responsible?  No.  Were Jews responsible?  Yes.
I hate that the Pope is confusing people, whether he intended to or not.

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