In Which There Are Random Ruminitions

We’re getting pretty close to Spring Break now.  One week away.  The Boss is running around here quite excited about our trip to Savannah.  There’s quite a bit of stuff around the Savannah area that she would absolutely love to see.  Earlier she ran in to show me a picture from one of the cemeteries around there.  She loves the stories that old cemeteries can tell.  She also ran in at one point with a picture of a girl wearing a green wig during Saint Patrick’s Day festivities.  She seemed surprised that I said I didn’t mind her having a green wig.
I’m personally looking forward to the trip because it’s going to get me some time away from here.  Both The Boss and I have grown weary of our current town and school district.  It just seems like things aren’t clicking and will never click fully.  It’s rough.  On the other end of things, I’m applying for jobs around the Savannah area right now in hopes of an off-chance of an interview while we’re there.  I’m not expecting it, but I will be ready if the chance arises.

Something that has really hit me lately is I get the feeling I still belong in television.  Should I be going news?  No.  News is too much a pain in the ass these days.  Used to the producers were able to run their own shows.  Now they’re just the pack mules that get none of the praise when everything goes right and all of the criticism when something goes wrong.  I don’t want to go back to that.  However, I’d like to do promotions or technical work.  I had a meteorologist I worked with before tell me that it’s not unheard of for a technical director to be making as much as the producers in most mid-range markets and higher.
I will enjoy being back in Savannah for a few days.  I think there is a lot of cool stuff there.  It’s going to be really great showing The Boss around.  I found all the little hiding places out there.  All the little nooks and crannies.  It’s like getting to play tour guide!!!

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