In Which I Pick An Industry

I’ve been trying to track down a job since January.  So far it hasn’t worked.  I’ve really been trying to take a long, hard look at my skills I have and what I enjoyed doing in the past to maybe pull some inspiration for my job search.
The most obvious thing to look at would be television.  I have spent a majority of my professional life working in television in some capacity.  The only thing I haven’t done is sales, be on camera (intentionally), or run the station.  With everything I have done in television, I’ve had so much fun.
I started in the back running the inner-workings of the station.  It’s called master control.  That’s the control room that is the final stop before being transmitted over the air.  It’s a fun little dance of programming and commercials.  You have to keep the right show on at the right time, air the commercials, fix issues at the drop of a hat, keep a little bit of paperwork…and you get to watch television.  However, since TV is at the heart of so many peoples schedules, then you can’t miss a beat or so many people will call to complain.
I’ve also worked in the field as a photographer.  I was never actually a photographer, but was always helping out.  There were sometimes on my overnight shifts I’d call out the on-call photographer and he wouldn’t answer the phone for whatever reason.  If the situation was close enough to the TV station, I take a car and camera out myself and shoot it.  I also shot a lot of things for sports, including many hockey games.
I actually got really good with the video camera that I used while in television.  I became pretty good at the nuances and controlling them for the perfect picture I was looking for.
I learned editing back during my first year in TV.  What I first learned was linear editing.  One day I asked a friend that was a photographer to show me how to edit, and she did.  I got pretty good pretty quickly at editing.  (I’d really love to be doing professional videography.  I would just need a big investment if it was going to be a business I ran.)
The biggest amount of time I spent working as a news producer.  It was a big feeling of power because I determined probably about 70-80% of what went on the air.  What we did.  When.  Where.  How.  Then during the show, I was the captain of the ship.  If and when something had to change on the fly, it was my responsibility.
Honestly, while I like the power and the writing, I’d much rather be doing special projects, promotions, or technical work.  I haven’t done promotions before, but it’s really only the art of extending a newscast tease.  You want to get as many people as possible to watch.  I did special projects in my last TV job, working on a 30 minute special.  It was the most fun time I’ve had in TV.  Technical work is where I am most comfortable.  Give me something physical to manipulate and I can get lost in the task (in a good way).

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