In Which I Pick An Industry, Part 2

After yesterday’s blog, I still keep thinking about the itch that I have to leave the country and go to New Zealand.  While it’s not perfect, there are many things that are better in New Zealand than here.  But the one problem I’m having is the fact that the types of jobs I can do there have some really big nationalist requirements to obtain that job.  I really need to learn PHP and MySQL so I can start working as a web programmer.
In the meantime, a thought that came to me out of the blue was maybe I could be a missionary.  I didn’t go searching out this idea.  It was just one presented to me.
I could do this.  I understand biblical things.  Gotta love being a preacher’s kid.  I learned all those things as a kid and it has stuck with me.  I guess one thing that could be in question is if I am outgoing enough.  You have to be ready, willing, and able to talk to someone about a subject which is not always comfortable for everyone.
This is an idea under construction.  We will see what happens.

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