In Which I Pick An Industry, Part 3

Yes, part 3… The subtitle?
“What about computers?”
What about them?
It’s undoubted just by reading this blog that you can tell I’m an unfocused individual.  Heck, I was being tested for ADD while I was in college.  And after having an autistic student for two years and researching more about autism, a few of my quirks could even fall under Asperger’s Syndrome.
To be clear, I’ve never been diagnosed with anything.  But I’ve always been…”different”.
Back to the original topic, computers have always been a fascination of mine even prior to the first computer my family owned.
Being a preacher’s kid, my dad would sometimes go to lectureships held at different Christian universities.  One time he actually took the entire family.  I saw a computer booth on the vendor floor at this expo.  (Mind you, this was during the days of DOS 3.0 and before.)  I don’t remember particulars of this story myself, but as it is told by my parents, they walked up to the booth and found me later.  The salesman told my parents that I was standing over his shoulder one minute while he was demonstrating the program to someone.  He walked away after he was done.  When he walked back around, I was sitting there using the program perfectly.
When I was in 6th grade, my parents bought the family’s first computer.  I believe it was running MS-DOS 3.5 if I remember correctly.  Dad bought it from a guy who was attending our church at the time who was running a computer business.  (The computer business was a racket back then.  No one knew anything about computers then.)  I remember that something messed up on the computer twice.  They were charged $40 both times to fix it.
All the teachers in 6th grade banded together that year against students finishing early in class and distracting others by demanding everyone brought a book to school to read in those cases.  What did I bring?  The DOS manual.  I actually became quite the command line expert that year.
I also found out that those times that Mom and Dad were charged $40 for repair, they really got ripped off.  It was a total of $80 for a measly 30 seconds of work.  Gotta love that.
Also in 6th grade, I learned how to program in BASIC.
Since then, I really backed off being such a command line whiz once Windows started to become prevalent.  However, when I got in to some activities on the Internet about 10 years ago, I started to teach myself how to code.  I haven’t had too much of a chance to dive deep in to it since, but I want to.  I’d love to be a web programmer.
What I have learned much more about in the past number of years is computer hardware.
I think I will continue that story tomorrow…
Same Bat-Time…
Same Bat-Channel…

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