In Which I Pick An Industry, Part 3.5

So in my last post, I talked about my love affair with computers since way back when.  I told you some of my ventures in the software side of computers.  Now to the hardware.
I had my own first computer I purchased in high school.  Just like my first car, my dad offered to match the money I had when I bought a computer.  The computer did well for me for about 4-5 years.  I ended up eventually having the mother board go out on that computer (according to a repair person).  Did I fix it?  No.  Sounded like a pricey repair.  Eventually, the first time I moved out of the house for a non-school reason, Dad got my sisters old computer and paid for a couple of replacement parts, then gave it to me.  I was very appreciative.  My salary for that job I was working was only $15k for that first year.  I didn’t have the money to be purchasing a brand new computer.
That computer only lasted me so long though.  My estimation was that the power button went out (mind you I had never looked inside a computer before).  So I decided I was going to do something about the situation.  I knew that I had a non-working motherboard in one computer and a busted power button in the other computer.  So I opened both of them up under the premise that I can take them apart and remember vaguely where they had gone so I could put them back together.
After I finished my 3D puzzle, it was a success.  Everything was working.  It was the computer I used until I got my first laptop.
Since then, I’ve put together a computer and server for a small business.  I’ve put together a number of servers for a business I worked for.  I’ve cracked open several laptops to do maintenance.  I’ve also worked on the motherboard of a laptop after there was a problem with the battery not charging properly.  I’ve also assisted in the construction of a data network at a hotel.  I guess the world can be my oyster if I found a proper way to pursue this track.
Heck, maybe it could kill two birds with one stone and let me get a job in New Zealand with my new skills.

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