In Which I Finally Get Somewhere With The Job Hunting

I had my second round interview with the “marketing firm” today.  Interesting situation.  I find out that the guy I talked to yesterday is actually the owner of this particular firm.  The guy I talk to today?  He’s supposed to be one of the top sales guys in the office.  Frankly, he came across as someone just trying to kiss my ass.  I guess they’ve never gotten someone in their office that knows about fiber optic connections for phone, internet & television?  He also was very impressed that I had experience working in TV because he had “taken a couple of broadcast classes in school”.  Then we get to the stuff about the job itself that didn’t sit well with me.  We talked about potential money to be made at different levels in the business and about average time spent at each level.  It didn’t match up with what I was told yesterday.  On top of the 12 hours a day, 6 days a week bit that I’d have to do while working on only commission, I wasn’t feelin’ it when I left the place.
Whenever I left, I made some phone calls to a couple of TV stations in the area that had open positions.  No answer to my phone calls, but I left voice mails.  To get an idea, just in case, I went to find where these TV stations were.  One was out in Beaverton, which was further west of where I was at the time.  I get there and all of the visitor parking spots in front of the station are occupied (except for three handicap spaces).  I can’t even park on the street with where they are located.  So I can’t even go in and try to ask and speak with the news director.  This sucks.
So I get back on the freeway to find the other TV station.  Three minutes after getting on the freeway, I get a call from that news director.  Awesome!  He wants to interview me.  I make a wild guess at how long it will take me to get there so I can tell him.  That guess turned out correct.
I get there and one of the first questions…”So, Texas to Portland.  Why?”
It ends up being a very good conversation.  I even mention the fact he was the first person I was able to get to talk to me, and the news director mentions it is his own personal policy to talk to people that make the trip on their own.
Later in the day, I get a call back from the “marketing firm” inviting me back for the third interview.  They can’t take the time to wait for me to come back in to their office.  Their about to head out on an office camping trip.  (Ooooooook…)  However, like I predicted, I ended up with the office boss on the other end of the phone before the call was over and he was offering me a job.  I told him I’d need to talk to The Boss and call him back on Monday.  In my head, I already didn’t want it.  Too many things didn’t add up.
This evening, I went to the same Chipotle in Vancouver for dinner that I’ve been going to the whole time.  The whole time I’ve been in the area, it’s been typical northwest weather with lots of low clouds and on-and-off rain.  However, today was a clear day.  I cross the river on the 205 and turn on to 14 & WHAM!  I’m hit with this majestic view of Mount Hood.  I hadn’t seen it prior to today thanks to the low clouds.
2011 06 03 Portland (13).JPG (800x574 pixels)
Before going back to the hotel for the night, I go to get my gas tank filled back up.  I’m driving around a little bit trying to find a good price.  I’m constrained to a 10 mile radius from the rental office.  I also apparently have to save my receipt to show them tomorrow.  This is a first for me.  I finally find a decent-looking gas station with a good price.  It’s at an Albertson’s.  When I pull up and then get out of the car, I’m met by an Albertson’s employee that fills up the tank for me at no extra charge.  Weird.
In other news, it’s National Donut Day.  This is always a good day.  I’m a big fan of cinnamon rolls, when they’re done correctly.  I also enjoy apple fritters.  The Boss is a huge fan of long johns filled with cream cheese.  As The Boss would put it…”hips in the larvae stage”.

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