In Which I Almost Forget Something Really Important

So, I’m leaving Portland today.  Starting out this morning, I go and return my rental car.  The guy who had driven me from the airport to the rental car office was already a cool guy…
…well the guy who drove me back was an example of it continuing to be a small world.  He asked me where I lived.  Since I live in one of those parts of Texas no one knows about, I proceeded to give him the generic explanation.  However, he kept asking for more details, and I found out he was born about 1.5-2 hours away from where I live.  He was born in 1935, and his parents moved to the northwest at the outbreak of World War 2 to work for a defense contractor.
I went straight to the Wendy’s in the airport to grab breakfast.  I remembered the chicken biscuit I had from the Wendy’s in the Las Vegas.  It was awesome.  I guess Wendy’s breakfast menus differ.  They didn’t have it.  The only thing that ended up looking good was a meatball sub at a sandwich place across the way.
That meatball sub was my downfall.  I remember seeing a system over California on the news at the hotel.  It was spinning in the direction of Portland.  That meant there was such heavy turbulence that the flight attendants were not allowed to be up the entire two hour flight.  That also means the flight was rough enough that the meatball sub was not kind to my belly.  I really needed my cranberry juice on that flight…damnit.
Then, I get to California, and it’s the ultimate oxymoron.  I went from rainy Portland to sunny California.  I went from rainy Portland that was sunny, to sunny California that was rainy.  It was so rainy that it faded the signal from the satellites feeding the TVs in the restaurant I stopped in.
When I got back to Las Vegas, everything seemed to be going ok.  I get off the plane and get to baggage claim.  I pick up my bags and pay for my parking at the express pay kiosk.  As I’m walking up to my car, I’m thinking about how I’m going to plug in my iPod and play a certain song.  Then it hits me…my iPod is in the front pocket of my netbook sleave…that I left sitting in the seat on the plane. GACK!!!
I put everything in my car and run back in the terminal.  I go and ask the nearest Southwest employee what I can do.  She told me to go talk to the overflow counter person.  So I talk to that person after he gets done with the people he had.  The guy didn’t even take an opportunity to listen to me, instead saying that I needed to go to the back of the line.  Twenty minutes later, I finally get to talk to this guy…again.  He calls back to the gate I arrived at…and THANK GOD it was recovered from the plane and left at the gate.  So he gives me a pass to get back through security.
This was the first time all week that I had to go through a body scanner!
Everything was all good, but it took about 50 minutes from the time I paid for my parking to the time I actually got to the exit booth.  That was another $3 on top of an already exorbitant amount that I paid.
While waiting for my baggage earlier, I heard that Garth Brooks was actually playing in town that weekend.  Too bad that I spent all this money going places looking for jobs.  I really would love to go to that concert!
My hotel for the night had free valet parking!  In Las Vegas?!?  Wow!

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