In Which I List My Top 10 MMA Fighters of All-Time

So, it’s a topic that comes up often among fight fans.  Who is your favorite fighter?  Well, let’s do this in David Letterman “Top 10” style.
10. Clay Guida
I just recently watched Clay Guida fight this past month.  I heard this man described by Joe Rogan as the Ultimate Warrior without the face paint.  That’s a very accurate description.  He is excitement personified in the octagon.  The man runs his mouth and backs it up.
9. B.J. Penn
Penn has his fair share of wins and losses.  However, I’ve never seen this man NOT be classy.  He’s a great jiu-jitsu practitioner.  He’s the total package in the octagon.
8. Takanori Gomi
I remember watching Gomi in Pride FC.  He was the most exciting of the Japanese fighters to watch.  It’s too bad that he hasn’t gotten the love in UFC.
7. Ken Shamrock
There’s a reason he’s called “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”.  During his hey-day, he destroyed practically every opponent that came his way.  Too bad he took fights a little too long in to his career.
6. Mirko Filipovic
Thighs bigger than both of my biceps put together.  The man known as “Cro Cop” started as a kickboxer.  His reputation proceeded him.  His punches were ALWAYS setups for his lethal kicks.
5. Frank Mir
This man snapped Tim Sylvia’s forearm in the first round of a title fight.  Badass.
4. Wanderlei Silva
The Axe Murderer.  Have you ever seen his victims?  Wanderlei is consumate destruction.
3. Dan Henderson
This man can beat you 12 ways to Sunday.  He’s an Olympic wrestler.  Then he took that and turned it in to a very legitimate fighting career.  I saw the man knock out a couple of different people with some impressive punches.  He also found his way out of submission holds nearly every time.
2. Fedor Emelianenko
Just because he’s never come to terms with UFC doesn’t mean he’s not the best in the world right now in the heavyweight class.  He’s only lost three fights in his career.  Those were close fights.  Every fight he won, it’s been decisively.
1. Royce Gracie
This man started it all.  He took vale tudo fighting and put it in the international spotlight.  How can he not be the top of the all-time list?

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