In Which Howard Stern Is Uninformed, Pompous, & Idiotic

It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten to write about anything I heard on Howard Stern.  However, today is a good one.  Stern is based in New York.  Currently, there is a raging issue going on there about allowing gay marriage.  Barring any feeling I have about the issue, I’ve got to take issue with some of the things Stern said regarding religion and marriage.
First, I’ll gladly tell everyone I’m not protecting the Catholic church.  I’m a member of a religious denomination where any of the ministry does NOT have a “uniform” of sorts.  But saying that the Archbishop of New York should be one to talk against gay marriage because he “wears a dress?”
Stern also said religion should be supporting gay marriage more than anyone else because they teach tolerance.  Let me fill you in… religion may be about tolerance, even with someone who claims to be homosexual.  Heck, at the church I attend, our previous preacher publicly stated that we shouldn’t shun someone from the church because they are gay.  Here’s what’s the truth though.  Homosexuality is not natural.  The Bible teaches that marriage is between a man and a woman.  It is a lot about children.  Modern studies have even shown that there is a MAJOR difference in having a mom and a dad…versus two moms or two dads.
Stern, how can you be so critical of something you have openly said you don’t study?
Other news, Ryan Dunn.
Prologue…I’m pretty sure he was responsible for his condition at the time of the crash, and that in turn made him responsible for the crash.
However, I’m not unsympthetic to his family.  Parents should NEVER have to bury their children.
On my end, it is very wild to have seen him on his new show he just started on G4, only to hear this morning that he died.
It’s going to be really weird seeing the new episodes.
Prayers go out to everyone close to Ryan Dunn in this tough time.
And one more piece of news (I heard this one on Howard Stern, too)…
In January, ICANN will be opening up registration of web domains with ANY suffix.  So instead of .com, you might have .pepsi or .nike
As a web geek, I can’t wait.  I hope to register a small handful of strategic domains, including one with my last name.

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