In Which Governor Good Hair Goes Crazy?

Ok, so people here in Texas are in an uproar about a couple of things that Governor Rick Perry has done.  First, one of the big movements has been not texting and driving at the same time.  It’s all over the place.  There’s been many public programs and TV shows describing the horror of what’s happened to people who were victims of often fatal car wrecks because someone was texting and driving at the same time.
Governor Perry has vetoed the bill the Texas legislature passed to ban this action in Texas.  I can just see the man driving to the capitol building every morning texting Lt. Governor Dewhurst.  “These frickin’ lawmen are trying to slow down our state business!”
The latest one is that Perry has submitted Bill 41 to the legislature making TSA pat-downs in Texas airports a Class A misdemeanor.
The Transportation Security Administration could say Texas airports are unsafe and no longer allow airplanes to leave if this bill passes.
Talk about a secession move if there ever was one.  Either that, or Governor Good Hair is trying to create the first plank in his platform to run for president.
“Let’s get rid of those good for nothin’ Yankee security guys at the airport! I’m getting’ tired of leavin’ my six-shooter at home!”

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