In Which Howard Stern Apparently Doesn’t Think Through His Statements

First off, I’m not a Howard Stern basher per se.  It seems like I am, but I’m not.  I love listening to the man’s shows.  He has the ability to say and do things that keep people tuned in.  Some days he is doing the raunchy material.  Other days, he’s doing compelling interviews.  Other days, his commentary on the news of the day is fun to listen to.  Other days, he’s disciplining his staff (many of whom are in their 40s) for not acting their age.
However, while Howard Stern always shoots from the hip, Monday was another day he should have thought things through before opening his big mouth.
I did not catch what started this conversation.  However, when I had the chance to tune in, I caught the entire end of it.  They were talking about evolution being taught in schools.
He directly said that if you wanted to learn about the science of evolution, then get that in schools.  But if you wanted to learn about creation, go to church.  That’s what churches are for.  Beliefs.
(Before I go any further, I will give you this heads up that I do believe in creation and claim to be a Christian.)
Now, what has science proven?
Science has proven a theory called micro-evolution.  This is a process of small and minute changes that take a long time to occur.  However, these changes occur within a species to make them able to adapt to environmental changes.
No proof whatsoever has been found for macro-evolution.  This is the Theory of Evolution that was devised by Charles Darwin so long ago.  There is no proof that organisms actually morphed in to different species all together.  Without scientific proof to back up this theory, that’s all it is…a theory.
Creationism is no different from this.  Yes, it is a belief.  However, from the scientific point-of-view, there is no proof to back up this theory.  Therefore it is still considered scientifically to only be a theory.
So, by your reasoning Mr. Stern, creationism should be taught along side macro-evolution.  Also by your reasoning, neither of these theories should be taught in public schools.
So, a question for you Mr. Stern.  According to your reasoning, I should have to go to a church if I want to learn about your belief of evolution.  Tell me, Mr. Stern…where can I find that church?  Do they allow visitors?  Are there any sacraments for this church that teaches evolution?  Would I pray to a different god at this church that teaches evolution?  Would heaven instead be called Paris while hell was called Miami?  Would purgatory be known as Cleveland?
Where is this church, Mr. Stern?  Where is this church?

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