In Which I Figure Out What It Means To Be A “Paul Heyman Guy”

So, it was the shot heard around the world.  Anyone who holds any connection to the world of professional wrestling has heard about and most have seen the promo by the man known as CM Punk at the end of this weeks broadcast of Monday Night Raw.
First, mad props to Punk for saying what was on his mind.  News from backstage says he was told to go out there and speak his mind.  They apparently had a backup plan in case he went too far.  Since it was close enough to the end of the show, that plan was to cut his mic and cut to black.  Let’s go through the rough list of what he did before he was silenced.
  • Ripped on Hogan  (With TNA…oops, I mean Impact Wrestling.  Who cares?)
  • Ripped on “Dwayne”  (What’s the matter?  Not allowed to say “The Rock”?)
  • Ripped on Stone Cold  (I guess that was ok since he was wearing a Stone Cold t-shirt.)
  • Said he had nothing against John Cena  (Some people boo John Cena.  I guess that was a way to get some more heel heat?)
  • Broke the 4th wall  (Welcome to modern television, you anti-Zack Morris.)
  • Mentioned Colt Cabana on WWE air-time  (Woop-dee-doo.  Colt isn’t making big waves with a national promotion anywhere else.)
  • Talked about grasping Vince McMahon’s brass rings  (At least he wasn’t talking about grasping his brass testicular fortitude.)
But when all was said and done, there was one thing CM Punk said that made the Internet…and everyone else for that matter…go crazy.  NUTS I tell ya!!!
CM Punk said he was a Paul Heyman guy.  (Paul Heyman’s current project is The Heyman Hustle.)
Since Monday night, I’ve been seeing many people mention what it means to be a Paul Heyman guy.  Here’s the truth of the matter.  To be a Paul Heyman guy, you must be passionate about what you do.  You must work hard.  You must be a perfectionist.  You probably have a one-track mind, as your project you’re passionate about will consume all your time.  You must be willing to sacrifice whatever you have to be the best.  Often, you don’t play politics…they are played on you.  You are recognized by others, but more than likely not by the people who actually count.  You will never be fully understood by the mainstream of society.  Despite this, you never try to fit in.  You are yourself.
If this is all true, then yes, I am a Paul Heyman guy.  I’ll proudly trumpet to the world I am a Paul Heyman guy.
Are you a Paul Heyman guy?

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