In Which I Decide My Top 5 Artists I Would Want To Perform With If I Was On “The Voice” Finale

First off, congratulations goes out to Javier Colon.  In the same vein as Committed was on this past season of The Sing Off, Javier was head and shoulders above everyone else in the talent department on The Voice.  He was the person that should have won from the beginning.  Also, congratulation to Adam Levine for being the coach to pick him.
As a matter of personal disclosure, I was rooting for Vicci Martinez.  She was my favorite in the final four.
I don’t enjoy rap, but I do like Pitbull.  He was game last night.  I also am not a country fan, so I wasn’t in to the Brad Paisley song.  But when Blake Shelton joined in, I did perk up.
I was blown away that the finalists got to sing with superstars that are favorites of theirs.  Granted, I had never heard of Pat Monahan and Train before, but I knew the song he sang with Vicci.  The pairing of Stevie Nix and Javier was not what I envisioned when they announced she was there, but it was more fantastic than I ever could have imagined.  And once they announced Miranda Lambert being there, I knew she was singing with Dia Frampton.  (Did Dia actually pick Miranda?)
So, if I had been one of the finalists, who would I have wanted to sing with?
5. Adam Levine
I had paid no attention to Maroon 5 prior to this show.  That being said, after experiencing “Moves Like Jagger” last week, I would have requested to perform with Adam.
4. Serj Tankian
I am an absolute MARK for System of a Down and Serj Tankian.  It would have been a dream moment to sing “Toxicity” on stage with the man.  However, the producers of the show might not have gone for that idea since Serj doesn’t…I guess you can say “appeal to the masses” as much as others.
3. Hank Williams Jr.
If there is one song I grew up singing since my childhood, it was the Monday Night Football theme song done by Hank Jr.  When I finally realized a few months ago that it was re-written from an original, I would have definitely asked to perform “All My Rowdy Friends” on stage with the man.
2. Garth Brooks
Frankly, I don’t know if Garth would have taken part in this one.  He was just barely talked in to performing part-time in Las Vegas recently.  However, Garth is the one artist alone that I will listen to any of his songs DESPITE the fact that he’s a country artist.  His songs just feel good.  A duet of “Rodeo” with Garth Brooks on live TV?  I’m in.
1. James Hetfield
Metallica is the one heavy metal band that has transcended their genre.  A performance of “For Whom The Bell Tolls” would have rocked that house last night!

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