“Energy” #Trust30

Today’s Writing Prompt:
“The world belongs to the energetic.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
It’s easy to blame our failure to meet our goals or to live our dream lives on a lack of energy, and we don’t always stop to think about the quality of energy in our lives. Yet we can choose to create and manage our own energy flow.
Think of an instance when you’ve been so involved in an activity that you’ve lost track of time, and then identity the passions and energies you were feeding. Who was there with you? What were you doing? What will you do to make time for moments like that one more often?
My Response:
Anytime I’ve sat down to a computer and been involved in fixing something, I’ve lost track of time.  Many times it has been coding a web page, and I just couldn’t find the right combination of PHP, CSS, and JavaScript that made it do what I want to do.  Or other times, since I don’t know PHP well, I often would sift through code of an already built web-app trying to adjust something and get it figured out just right.  I loose MAJOR track of time doing these things.  I was often by myself doing that.  Do to make time for more of those moments?  I’ve begun to learn everything I can to become qualified for jobs like these, so I’ll actually get hired!

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