In Which Vince McMahon Appears To Get Screwed

Are you a Paul Heyman guy?
What about a CM Punk guy?
After spending all day being down sick with a migraine, I’m finally coming out of it this evening with some high powered medicine (thanks Doc).  While I didn’t order the Money In The Bank pay-per-view tonight, I did follow the action via PWInsider (thanks Dave and the guys).
The big “shocker” of the night is that CM Punk won the championship on his last day with the company.
First, I hear it was an exceptional match, so I’m sorry to have missed it.
Second…I TOLD YOU SO!!!!
I’ve said from the beginning that they probably had CM Punk signed to something new.  Whether it was on paper, or just a verbal agreement for a short stint, they have him for longer.
I’ll break it down for you…
  • John Cena has had the title for enough time now that they needed to take it off of him, even if for a day.
  • CM Punk has been getting pushed to the moon, even more than his previous title runs.
  • CM Punk has been given a SIGNIFICANT portion of TV time leading up to tonight’s PPV.
  • WWE only does the “screw the guy out of the big moment in his hometown” when they’re on free television (well, as free as cable and satellite can be considered these days).
Let’s also look at previous situations like this.
  • Bret Hart is leaving for WCW.  Everyone believes Bret will win.  Vince screws Bret.  Shawn Michaels wins and is champ.
  • Trish Stratus is retiring, works a title match on her last night, and promises to retire as champion.  This situation would cause the title to be vacated the next night.  Trish wins.
  • Lita retires at the next month’s PPV.  She promises to do the same thing as Trish.  They can’t do it two months in a row, and Lita is a heel at that point.  She looses.
  • Jeff Hardy, while not publicized, is leaving WWE.  His contract is about up.  They give him a run as champion.  However, he drops it before he finally leaves.
The only plausible explanation is that CM Punk would be continuing with the company in some capacity after tonight.
I do give cheers to Vince McMahon for pulling this angle.  Maybe he is finally realizing the kind of things that need to happen to get better ratings.  HOWEVER, WWE is still predictable in what they are doing.
So Vince, how long until CM Punk is on air to drop the title, or announce he finally signed an extension?
I also have two more questions for you Vince.
Are you a Paul Heyman guy?
What about a CM Punk guy?

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