In which @howardstern sticks his foot in his mouth…again…

CC: @robertabooey, @bronk, @rqui, @sternshow, #carpaltunnel

So listening to the Stern Show today, Howard did it again. He opened his big, fat mouth. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to bash Howard on Twitter. I know he’s self-conscious about what people say about him. I like Howard. That’s the reason that I pay for service from Sirius.

But, when Howard opened his big mouth about carpal tunnel syndrome, I cry bullshit. I don’t have that specific issue, but I have other similar nerve problems. They are tied to a degenerative issue I have had for 15-20 years. Only in this calendar year have I had a doctor look at me and say they believe something is wrong.

Why in the hell would I go through surgical procedures if this was psychological? Please be careful Mr. Stern. That really bothered me.

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