Those #Red #Commy #Bastards got it right…

So, one of the songs on my iPod is the USSR National Anthem. It’s a glorious sounding song that just in the language of music alone promotes a glorious and successful image. The music makes you swell with pride, even if that’s not your country.

I remember as a child, the Soviets were the evil people. They stood for everything we didn’t.

This was the first war in history that was fought entirely by spies and backroom politicians. The Cold War between those “Red Commy Basterds” and the “Capitalist Pigs”!


But those Red Commy Bastards got it right. They were able to make their country appear to be a glorious nation where every citizen was working towards a (successful) future for the Rodina. One of the best ways to get this across was through the Olympics. The Soviet Union was the single most dominant force during its run in the Olympic movement. There was always stories about how the athletes trained for the glory of the Rodina. The good, supporting, nurturing Rodina always provided for these athletes and made sure they could train with the best.

The Soviet Union was so big that it was amazing the times they were knocked off their pedestal.


The Miracle On Ice was when the all amateur US Olympic Hockey Team beat the ol’ dominant CCCP.

Of course, the truth was that they only provided in this manner for the top echelon people in the country. No one ever got to see the peasants being mistreated in the country. Score one for the propaganda ministry…at least for half a century…

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