the blog dare…

So I get this follow on Twitter today from a handle called “The Blog Dare”. It is something sponsored by a group called “Bloggy Moms”. At first look, I don’t fit in with this outfit. Really. Think I’m kidding? Look at their website! The only reason mine looks anywhere near theirs is because I had to rebuild the site because it got hacked. I really haven’t messed with my theme.

Also, I don’t know what every lady involved with this has as their motivation behind writing their blog. I do know this community though deals a lot with making money off of their blogs. I could care less. I write my mind. It’s not money for me. It’s about voicing my opinions. Nothing else.

The entire Bloggy Moms community is also dealing with motherhood in addition to social media. A little obvious, but I will never be a mother. However, I will be a father soon. I guess I can sort of relate there.

However, the ladies that run that website indicate the community is for any bloggers. Someone even asked on their Twitter account for The Blog Dare if you have to be a mother, which the answer was no. On top of that, their account followed my account first. Even more so, The Blog Dare is pretty much just about exercising your writing every day. I can get behind that.

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