Confessions of a #Foursquare Addict

I loaded Foursquare on my phone today for the first time in more than a year.

“Why did you take it off?”

That’s a very good and relevant question. During the two years I originally put Foursquare on my phone, I did probably the most traveling I have done in my life at this point. I got addicted to the point total when I did that. I got competitive in my point total with everyone on my list. I got competitive so much that I would start checking in to four, five, and six different spots everywhere I stopped. I ended up checking in to spots as I would drive down the road. The point total was what I pursued. If you were friends with me on Foursquare, you would see that my biggest 7-day total is 815 points.

Shortly after I stopped using Foursquare, I found out that they put in more AI to detect if people were running up points and not actually checking in where they are. My account never got locked, but probably would have had I continued.

What led me to load Foursquare back on my phone today? I don’t know. I really don’t. But I’m better with it. At this point, I share 90% of my social media across nearly every stream I have active. I do my best to keep my unfiltered opinions in one or two places, but pretty much everything else gets shared. So I think I can incorporate Foursquare in to that the same way.

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