Big Brother Idiots

First of all, can I say how SICK the have not room is? I thought it couldn’t get any worse for the have not room after last year’s slope, slanted, and tapered corrugated metal sleeping surfaces (let’s be real and not actually call them beds). However, the producers stepped it up this year with yet a new notch in the cruelty ladder of putting no beds in there, just seats from the coach section of an airplane. It’s a twist worthy of the evil genius of sports entertainment, Paul Heyman.

However, I’ve got to mention the idiots in the house this year. Namely, all of them except for Elissa and McCrae.

The fact that Elissa is the sister of the annoying redhead Rachel Reilly is not a conspiracy folks. It’s also not a conspiracy that she kept it from you. So far, Elissa has shown NOT to be like her sister. She appears to be super upbeat, but also to be fairly smart as well. She’s not always talking about her husband. She’s not obsessed with winning. I don’t believe that any family traits carry over (outside of being super-peppy). It’s not like this is Brandon Hantz coming on Survivor and proving, in the end, that he’s exactly like his uncle. Or Willy coming on Big Brother last year and proving he was indeed a Hantz when he got kicked out!

Oh, and what about all those same idiots thinking McCrae wasn’t really a pizza delivery person?!?

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