In Which South Hell Is Living Up To Its Name

The Boss and I moved to South Texas this year. It’s better than the panhandle, but day-um, it still reeks of Texas in many respects.

Before even getting moved, I have referred to this place as South Hell. It always gets a chuckle. But it really is South Hell.

  • Yes, it rains. But Mother Nature can’t make up her mind when and when not to rain.
  • We moved in to our rental house 9 days after our belongings. Don’t get me started. Why? Because in the long run, the drama started out with the electric company. Now we’re dealing with other drama, but still with the electric company.
  • Our landlord is too damn old to be running the daily of this business. Her son whom is lawyering in an uber-rich middle eastern country is probably financing her venture.
  • The contractor can’t seem to keep his promised appointments to come and finish the punch list, but he can make time to come over to get out of the heat, help put up a shelf and a TV mount, and shoot the shit. He’s a nice guy. Just has no follow through skills.
  • I’m fighting an uphill battle between common sense and the good ol’ boy network.
  • When it’s not raining, Mother Nature can’t seem to decide whether it needs to be hot, mild, etc. She also can’t decide on decent humidity levels and be consistent. Just send us a hurricane already!
  • The church we jumped in to faster that my common sense probably should have allowed me to is now showing an underlying identity crisis. There are really great people there doing awesome things. But there is still an underlying political atmosphere and resistance to outsiders that don’t conform to the mold.

I complain, but some things are getting fixed/better in certain ways. However, there are some things also not entirely in our control (like Mother Nature). I really miss Arizona. People either had their head screwed on straight or they didn’t. Mother Nature didn’t try to be something she wasn’t. There are no identity crises. I knew where I stood in Arizona (on almost everything). It’s on my list to move back to (if I don’t take The Boss and The Kidd to New Zealand first).

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