In Which The Meaning Of A Name Surprises Me…And Maybe You, Too

BeavisWho remembers Beavis?

“I am Cornholio!”

“Are you threatening me?”


” Dammit, McVicker, quit screwing around! Or else I’ll take you out back and I’ll kick your ass! ”

One half of the bone-headed teenage duo made famous by creator Mike Judge. Beavis was named after someone in his own life. But I found the original etymological meaning and source of the name while looking for names the start with “B” for a stupid little social media, fill-in-the-blank game.

Bevis (BEH-vees)

The name sources from France. It specifically is drawn of the town Beauvais. The meaning?

A beautiful outlook or view.

If you watched Beavis & Butthead closely, you can probably say Beavis had a “beautiful outlook” on what was going on at any time. Other times it was a drag. But I would be willing to bet none of you pegged this meaning of his name. I know I didn’t.

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