Fridays With Morry – Chapter 1: In The Beginning…

In the beginning, Medium was created with a narrow scope. Everyone could read, but only few could write. It was an elite group. It was only by invite. It was a narrow scope. Only stupid Chrome. The browser looked really spiffy, but is truly a resource hog. The platform, however, had promise of being gold. The creators promised nothing.

Eventually, you could participate from more browsers. The masses longed for mobile. “No promises” was the line towed, and so expectations never soared. Just wishes.

One day, Medium was in the App Store. Great! But it was a bore. You could read. But you couldn’t find your way in a muddled together mass of humanity’s musings on this new writing experience. So Medium, once again, went ignored.

Then later, along came a new iPhone, and the process of reloading and re-signing in to apps. Now we find out that Medium is the world longed for for so long in its short little existence. The creators claim it is “a network” and not a writing platform. That may be the case, but a writing platform it still is. Not micro-blogging like Tumblr-hoo, or 140 characters like Twitter, or a world of over-sharing like Facebook.

Medium is a stream of consciousness.

So begins Fridays With Morry.

I am Michael Mordrid. Morry for short. Online handle and alter ego. My Fridays will be the real me and the alter me. If you know me, you may be able to distinguish the line between the two. If you don’t, then good. Know me by my stream of consciousness. This is my inner soul. My suppressed thoughts. It is as real as I really am, not as real as I exist.

Fridays With Morry will be a regular feature on my account (click here). Eventually I will repost them here. It could be several days later, or like today, it could be less than 24 hours. But always check Fridays on if these interest you.

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