Fridays With Morry – Chapter 1b: Living After Midnight

In the real world, I work in IT. Currently I am just wrapping up a maintenance window. All you haters that wonder why I am doing this middle of the night are the same people that would complain if I did the same work 12 hours from now. Why? Because it takes down you precious Internet connection.

The one plus about working the flip side? No one is here to tell me to turn down my music. And I’ve got kick-ass speakers for a work computer.

So I have been blasting my Spotify playlist. At one point, I got the Disturbed cover of Living After Midnight. (Too bad I have been working and not partying.)

It’s not a bad existence when I have to do it. Everyone asks me to do or be involved in nearly everything. Frankly, it is too much some days. The things I don’t get asked to be involved in, the boss does directly (lower case, not capital The Boss…big difference). Hope the boss doesn’t die anytime soon. We’ll be missing a few procedures (it is a family company…he’s not going anywhere otherwise).

The only thing about going home now is that The Boss will have to lock the bedroom door to keep Junior out while I sleep. At least I get to take my mess that I forgot before leaving for the office. That’s a good thing, because I feel my hand tremors kicking in again. Getting old sucks, and I’m not even old yet.

Fridays With Morry will be a regular feature on my account (click here). Eventually I will repost them here. It could be several days later, or like today, it could be less than 24 hours. But always check Fridays on if these interest you.

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