In Which There Is A Reason I Drive To The Next Town For Subway

I normally go to the next town over for a Subway sandwich. They do it right. Their ratios are good. Their artistry is good. Their mechanics are good. They give me a just right sandwich or salad. I have no worries. Except that I waste half of my lunch break getting my lunch. Nearly half an hour to drive there, get my food, and then drive back.

This is a picture of an ideal looking sandwich.

When I go to the Subway here in town, this is not what I get. I get barely opened bread, like they’re trying to shave the top off. However, then they follow Subway sandwich artistry and place anything that could remotely keep the bread from being dry against the top side. If you get this sandwich toasted, that further dries out the hunk of bread on the bottom. Not to mention they are not careful with their sauces, and only say “oops” whenever they accidentally squeeze a rocks glass full of sauce in one spot and proceed to not even try to fix it.

Rant over. I just need to remember to drive to the next town.

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