Fridays With Morry – Chapter 2: Why Am I Always Sick?!?

It’s time once again for Fridays With Morry. Morry’s topic? Being Sick.

I hate being sick. It is the bane of my existence.

“Well, it is the bane of everyone’s existence. Why must you be different?”

You don’t get it. I am rarely ever sick. I’m not counting any of my neuro issues that we’ve been trying to figure out over the last decade. I am talking about 24-hour or more viruses or soupy areas of your body creating breeding grounds for nasty bacteria. Prior to moving to South Texas, I’ve been sick like 6 or 7 times in my life since I got my tonsils and adenoids removed at age 5.

Cause 1) You have a toddler that is in daycare.

This can actually be a big cause. Little kids are walking petri dishes. They don’t have the developed immune system to kill the asshole viruses or the bastard bacteria. So they bring EVERYTHING home. But that raises the question:

Don’t I have the immune system to fight them off?

Or are these all super bugs? Is this the end of the world because these bugs will kill off thousands of people at a time? I should be able to fight this bug off no question. But there seems to always be a question.

Cause 2) My job stresses me out so much that my immune system won’t fight.

Can this be a possibility? Yes. Of course it can. But I would like to think that my new outlook on my current job has changed that around. That job is a good one. I just was unable to get enough of a sense of the company culture to know if the environment was good for me to be in before accepting the job. So my job is fine for now. I don’t feel anywhere near as stressed because of this change of view.

Cause 3) South Texas is the petri dish.

This could be a big possibility. I’ve lived in dry climates most of my life. What fucking right do I have to believe I can survive in a non-dry environment? I had all these ear infections when we lived near here when I was a kid. The wet air lends itself to everything I have been facing. Hell, even the ENT doctor I visited said Houston was a great place for an ENT to practice.


The only way I can find out is by leaving for a drier climate. That would also mean I’d be leaving for another job. If I still get sick, then cause 1 is my issue.

Guess we’ll have to wait to find out. Leave me to my bacteria and viruses for now. I’m laid up most weekends because I feel like crap.

Fridays With Morry will be a regular feature on my account (click here). Eventually I will repost them here. It could be several days later, or like today, it could be less than 24 hours. But always check Fridays on if these interest you.

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