Fridays With Morry – Chapter 3: Tropic Thunder

Running 24–36 hours late this week, but there is a good reason as such. The tropics came to bite South Hell (Texas) in the butt for the first time in nearly a decade. Tropical Storm Bill rolled in and I was right in the way. The day the storm made landfall, they closed my direct route home and my 35–38 minute drive home turned in to a 2.5 hour drive. The saving grace? The boss closed the doors at 1pm. I was going to wait until 3pm. Had I waited that long, I might have been trapped for the night. Why? Because they closed roads behind me about an hour after I went through.

Fast forward to the next morning. I was going to take my time getting in because of the roads. But then I was informed we were in an outage. About an hour to get in to work. Main router errored out. Fixed that. Another router crashed. It was supposed to be decommissioned in the next few months anyway, but that would have also been when we decommissioned the protocol it was supporting. Had to get that protocol set up on the main router. That took a few hours. Also had issues with 2/3 of our DNS core. Fell back to the 1/3 that “was working”, only to find out the next day something about it was poisoned. Pushing on public DNS for now.

Three really long days, both mentally and temporally.

Today, I took my kid to have BBQ at this place 90 minutes up the road. It was a BBQ joint I ate at as a kid because my family lived in that town. Still the same exact culinary experience today. Why did I do this today though? Tried to do it Mothers’ Day weekend as a treat for my wife. They were closed though. I called the place to check that they were open before leaving home this time. I found out the owners’ daughter got married Mothers’ Day weekend, which is why they were closed.

Fridays With Morry will be a regular feature on my account (click here). Eventually I will repost them here. It could be several days later, or it could be less than 24 hours. But always check Fridays on if these interest you.

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