It’s Nothing To Do With The Grass Being Greener…It’s A Different Kind Of Grass

When you go out and look for something new, you often hear or share the phrase that “the grass is always greener on the other side,” to which you get the argument that it is indeed not.

I’ll tell you a story. I once worked at a rural telco/ISP that had an exchange on the edge of a metro area. It was the home to most of our complainers. A couple of them tried to drop our Internet service at one point in favor of a Wi-Max service that was serving the area. What they didn’t bother to find out was that they lived on the very edge of the transmission area for this wi-max service. So their service was poorer than their worst day with us. Within 30 days, they were back with our service.

The Boss, in a loving way, has on more than once occasion accused me of looking for the greener grass. Credit goes to her because what I have been doing can be described as nothing else. However, in the last two or three years, I’ve really been attempting to find myself. No, I’m not having some existential crisis of conscious. No, I have not hit a mid-life crisis. I’m looking for real life. I’m looking for the way life is supposed to be. Does this mean we will never move again? Not likely at this point. However, I want to be somewhere doing something that I feel ok spending a number of years there. I finally understand where the next stage of life is for me.

The best way to explain it? I’m looking for different grass, not greener grass. I can make what I am doing work. But I need an environment where I know I have a chance to thrive in the role I have.

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