Minion Inspiration

So I was reading about the McDonald’s minion toy that supposedly said “What The F***?”

My first question to the parents is:

1) Would a public company such as McDonald’s actually stake their reputation as to let something like that slip by?

2) Would a company such as Illumination Entertainment, who has made their fortune on the happiness of younger children, and is backed by a behemoth of a publicly traded media company (NBC/Universal/Comcast), actually risk letting something like that slip by, even if just to pop adults?

Minionese is known to be a gibberish language that at times can include bits of English. Think of Spanglish or Tex-Mex, where a speaker will throw in an English word at what seems like random.

If I were a betting man, I’d say whomever had the idea for the language of the minions has toddlers. I sit down and listen to my toddler babble on as he is trying to learn to speak, and it sounds eerily similar to what I hear anytime I watch a video with minions in it.

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