A Way To Hang Around

Dear Mr. President:

For more than two years, there has been a rumbling about you staying in office past the end of your term in 2017. Legally, it is an impossibility. No natural born American qualified to be president can serve more than two terms lifetime. But maybe we can keep you a little longer.

Compared to the miscreants that are running to replace you, you are a downright peach. There is a reason Hillary is not liked. No matter whether she is guilty of anything or not, she comes across as shady. She is the Washington insider that no one wants to see. We, the American public, have despised the ways of standard politicians, and are sick of it. It started when she knew she was going to be unable to beat you in 2008. Once she finally dropped out of the race, not only did she support you, she gladly took the position of Secretary of State. It wasn’t to help you or the American public. It was a cold and calculated move designed to gain political capital in the eyes of the American people. She left after one term, forcing you to put that doofus John Kerry in her place. It wouldn’t have looked good if she had started campaigning to replace you while still serving in your cabinet. Also, what about all the women who are going to be voting for her this time around just because she is a woman? You can’t argue that there are those in the electorate that will do just that, just like there were those in the electorate that voted for you back in 2008 just because you were black.

Then there is The Donald. I personally invoked his name as the needed opponent against you back in 2012 because I looked at the country’s situation and the USA as a business seemed to me to be in the worse shape of any other tenants that our country exists on. Right or wrong on how he got there, Mr. Trump has turned in to a successful business man. He knows how to surround himself not with people that will say yes, but with people that will tell him the truth. It is necessary for where he is in life. There is no way he could have willed this on his own. However, despite turning the establishment on its ear during this election cycle, he has proven to be a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants type of person. He actually appears to have shown to left his good business sense in the boardroom, and just let the greatness that is The Donald hang our there for everyone to see. He says the right things to rile the conservatives in his favor. He does the wrong things to get them to rethink their decisions. Now, as a famous pollster has put it, he can’t get out of his latest whirlwind because early votes are being cast. Poll numbers are no longer theoretical. They translate to real votes.

Then there is what could have been. Senator Cruz would have walked away with the Republican nomination had Trump not been involved because he is the political version of Trump. However, he made the biggest blunder of all by choosing a (marginal) running mate before he even could have known he had the nomination locked up. Senator Rubio was thought to have the ability to be the second coming of you. He might have been a Hispanic Obama. But his message couldn’t get through the Republican blowhards at the top of the ticket. Senator Sanders is an aging hippie that, while possessing SOME good ideas, overall wanted to turn the US in to the same socialist wrecks that exist in Europe. If anyone whipped their people to a frenzy like Hitler, it wasn’t only Trump, it was Sanders, too. There is also the Libertarian Party that THANK THE ALMIGHTY did not nominate John McAfee as their candidate. They probably have the most qualified ticket in Johnson and Weld, but the American public has been brainwashed to believe that there is only Republican or Democrat and nothing else. News flash, America. Many countries get along better than we do and have 3 or more political parties. As a side note, the Libertarian ticket would be a non-issue if the Republicans had just nominated Governor Kasich. He’s an even-tempered guy that probably could get the job done just fine. There’s also the Green Party, who would have decent representation under a multi-party system, but don’t have the platform to survive the two-party system.

This is the biggest mess of a presidential election I can ever recall in my life. And this election environment could give you another year in office. Here is how:

  • You have not been shy about using executive orders during your administration. So use executive order one more time to declare a social state of emergency in the entire country. Allow all local elections to still occur as normal, but suspend all federal elections for one year. Keep the current congress in service in special session. Since you have the power to direct the purpose of special session, give congress the directive to regulate all political setups. Destroy the mob-influenced two-party system in favor a multi-party system that gives everyone a fair chance at being heard in their government. A government for the people and by the people. Make sure they enforce term limits for everyone. Also make sure that they return certain powers not explicitly given the federal government back to the states where they belong.
  • Undoubtedly, the Republicans in this congress will try to file a legal challenge against the status of your executive order. However, the Republicans have unknowingly turned this in your favor. We both know that the Supreme Court is not about politics, but it is about ideologies. Unfortunately, ideologies and political parties occupy the same spaces these days. So, because the Republicans have not even entertained vetting your nomination for the 9th slot on the Supreme Court, any vote by the court should theoretically end up in a tie. Because there cannot be a decision from SCOTUS to change something without a majority vote, that tie vote will validate your executive order and allow things to proceed.
  • Being the Executive branch, with the validation from SCOTUS in hand, you can then compel congress to do their job.

I would be perfectly OK with you hanging around another year if you could get this accomplished. Can you get back to me ASAP with your answer and action?


Concerned American Tired Of The Pettiness And Bickering

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