Prolific (Non-)Writer

I have the ability in me to be a prolific writer. I can write about so many things until I am blue in the face. In fact, I’ve already written five articles in the last two days while taking care of a three year old and trying to manage a job search. Not bad. I could probably pound out much more if it was my profession. Oh wait…it was at some point. Hah! I have really always wanted to be a prolific writer. I have made attempts upon attempts. However, it seems like when something else is occupying the majority of my mental space, it never works.

A funny thought just popped in my head: I’m becoming a Mom Blogger! At least until I can find another job.

Writing has always been a good outlet for me, even whenever I suck at it. I remember back in public school, my teacher was afraid one year that I would bomb the writing portion of the standardized test. She got my mother to work with me at home with writing prompts as well. Practice, practice, practice finally produced enough results to pass the test. I even would go on to get one of those Fat Li’l Notebooks and write a story about a Haitian man named John Mösterm. I’d have to find the notebook to tell you what it was about these days.

Then you get to typing. I was a horrible typist. My official speed in middle school typing class was 8 wpm. That changed whenever I got a computer and got back in to school. I was always doing something else on the Internet during classes to help me focus on the class. So I finally perfected my no-look typing by watching the professor intently while typing a message to someone online, making it look like I was taking notes. A few years working as a writer and producer in a TV newsroom got me typing even faster. My highest recorded speed is now 67 wpm.

These days I still type (duh). I also have a fascination and obsession with notebooks. I’ve purchased so many, try to use them, but never succeed in staying the course.

I am focused and scatterbrained at the same time.

I know I need another job. But part of me would like to survive without that (though my wife would deplore that idea). I would prefer to be a prolific writer than a prolific non-writer.

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